No need for a pricey bathroom remodel! Our products shown below work on your existing tub and can be fully installed within just 2 to 4 hours!


Adds Step-In Accessibility to Your Existing Tub!

  • Installation completed on existing tub!
  • Installed in less than one day!
  • Greatly reduces the possibility of falls.
  • Enables easy step-in access.
  • Our most affordable product!

Fully installed for around $995*!


Ads Step-In Accessibility to Higher Profile Tubs!

  • Made for use with high profile tubs!
  • Greatly reduces the possibility of falls.
  • Installed in 2-4 hours!
  • Installation completed on existing tub!

Fully installed for around $1,095*!


Configures from Step-In to Full Bath in Seconds!

  • Configure as traditional tub…
  • Or configure as step-in tub!
  • Removable unit locks and unlocks quickly.
  • Flexibility to meet your changing needs.
  • Installed in 2-4 hours!
  • Installation completed on existing tub!

Fully installed for around $1,495*!

Homeowner FAQs

Why are CleanCut products the ideal solution for easier bath accessibility?

We use our innovative and patented process of cutting and removing a section of your existing tub and custom fitting a CleanCut product to specifically fit your needs. Our products to allow for easier shower access and a couple of our products even allow you to switch between bathing and showering options.
For more information, please open our Overview Brochure.

How do I learn more about CleanCut products and which product is right for me or my family?

CleanCut offers four unique and distinct products to provide easier accessibility into the bathtub. To understand options and differences, please open our Overview Brochure and refer to the last page that features a product comparison chart for easy reference!

How much does it cost to have CleanCut products installed?

The cost to install a CleanCut product typically costs just 20% of the cost compared to traditional remodeling with an average cost of under $1,000, depending on the product selected. The cost of installation also varies based on type of bathtub, proximity to local installer and other factors.
For more information on average install installation costs, please open our Overview Brochure.

How do I arrange to have CleanCut products installed in my home?

CleanCut has partnered with Independent Installation companies throughout the US and Canada. Please click here and we can connect you with a local CleanCut installation partner.Can I purchase a DIY installation kit?No. Unfortunately, CleanCut only sells our bath accessibility kits to registered Independent Installation Companies or commercial facilities that are completing the installation on behalf of a resident.

I still have questions! Can I talk to someone?

Please contact us by clicking here or calling toll-free at  (864)915 7297. We look forward to assisting you!

Installer FAQs

How can my company install CleanCut’s line of accessibility products?

Installing CleanCut products offer remodelers, builders, AIP specialists and other types of professionals a high-demand Aging in Place product that’s ideal for a growing segment of the population. There’s no cost, quota, or secret obligations to be part of our installer network. In addition, we offer great marketing support and all of the information you need for sizing and “how-to” install training.

Ready to Go? Please click on the link below to quickly and easily Register your Company for a free account. Once submitted, you’ll receive a link to special contractor pricing. Want to chat with someone about opportunities with our products? Give CleanCut a call at (877) 882-7837, we look forward to working with you!

How much do the CleanCut installation kits cost to purchase?

We do not publish kit pricing on our website. Installer Kit pricing is provided to you once you have completed the free account registration!

Facility FAQs

How can my Facility have CleanCut’s line of accessibility products installed? Can we do it ourselves?

CleanCut offers three easy ways for your facility to have CleanCut products installed.

1. Do It Yourself – CleanCut provides a complete installation kit that allows your maintenance staff to perform the install quickly and at a minimal cost. CleanCut offers all of the information needed for sizing and “how-to” install training.

2. We Do It for You (Larger Jobs / Over 20 Installs) – Give CleanCut a call and we will arrange to send our traveling corporate install team to complete the installations quickly and economically.

3. We Do It For You (Small Jobs/Under 20 Installs) – CleanCut has partnered with hundreds of Independent Installers across the US to provide installation services. Give CleanCut a call and we will arrange to connect you with a local installer in your local area.

Homeowner Testimonials

Very pleased with product. I wish I had it fitted a long time ago.
– Valerie from Winnipeg


Very happy with design and installation
– Tim from Florida


I had a spinal cord injury and have trouble lifting my leg into the tub – looks great!!
– N. Lee from Virginia


I find the step makes it easier to get in and out of the tub for a shower. I can get my husband in and out much easier also.
– Janet from New York


I am very satisfied with the product and it looks very nice.
– Jeanette from Missouri


My children were supportive of my getting this step. I know I am going to appreciate it.
– Elizabeth from Ohio


I saw the CleanCut Door that had been installed at my friends home and was favorably impressed. I am very pleased with the installation of my CleanCut Door.
– Virginia from New York


The CleanCut Step looks good and was installed very neatly.
– Donald from Illinois


We are enjoying it. Much safer and easier to get in and out. Meets our requirements just fine. Looks nice and workers did a neat job. Thank you so much.
– Dean from Ohio


Was looking for a miracle among various websites to help me find something to help my aging mother who has severe R.A. Luckily CleanCut was our rescue! Installer out of Prescott, Arizona was professional in all aspects of the installation and even readily able to travel a long distance out to us as he was the nearest installer. Looks great!!! I have no trouble in referring people to this wonderful idea and service. Thank You!
– Lavern from Arizona


This product has allowed my husband to bathe himself with no help from me. We both are happy with his independence. Before this he was always afraid to get out of the tub. What a good idea!– Sue from FL


Keeps my 86 year old father safe and provides peace of mind.– Michelle from VA


I love this product. It has really given me back my bathing freedom.– Susan from IL


I am very pleased w/the Safeway Step. I no longer have to climb into my tub. At the age of 74 and 2 hip surgeries this is a blessing!– Phyllis from RI

Caregiver Testimonials

I just had this installed for my Mom and she LOVES it! She can now get into the shower unassisted and is so thankful to have her independence again! John was our installer and he was great! The job was done in about 1.5 hours and there was no mess to clean up afterward! I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who needs easier access to their shower without the high cost of renovations of the whole bathroom…plus the added benefit that it was done so quickly! Thanks to John my Mom can feel confident getting into the shower once again!
– Nicole


My husband loves the ease of step-thru into the tub. He now can take a shower every day.– Beverly from IL


We were expecting to have to spend over $8000.00 to prepare our bathroom for my elderly father. For less than $1,000, we were able to provide a safe bathroom environment with Safeway Step.– Kyle from SC


Department of Aging recommended instead of tearing a perfectly good bathroom apart.– Judith from MT

Facility Testimonials

The tenants who have been using the tub door are very happy. It is so much easier for them to get into their tub/shower. It is very affordable. Thank you!– Mainview Apartments – Nebraska


Residents are very pleased and love these products!– Harmony Village – Ohio


Looks good and the resident is thrilled with it.– York Hills – MI