Bathliners of the Carolinas FAQS - From gold to white

Bathliners of the Carolinas FAQs page has answers to your questions!

FAQs – Bathliners of the Carolinas is here to answer all your tub refinishing and reglazing questions.

Why should I consider refinishing my tub or shower?

Surface refinishing by Bathliners of the Carolinas is a cost effective makeover alternative to replacing a bathtub, sink, shower or tile that is worn out, damaged, or even the wrong color. Bathliners will repair chips or cracks and restore the surface to look and feel like new. You’ll save thousands of dollars and avoid days or even weeks of demolition mess and costly replacement.

Am I really saving money by re-glazing my old tub?

Yes! The National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates the total cost to remove and replace a bathtub is $3,000 or more. The cost of bathtub re-glazing runs between $400.00 to $900.00, this equals a huge savings for the homeowner.

Do you only do tubs?

No, refinishing isn’t just limited to bathtubs, the process can be applied to sinks, ceramic tile, shower stalls and kitchen sinks, made of many materials, including porcelain, steel, cast iron, cultured marble, fiberglass, acrylic, and tile.

My tub has a large chip out of it – can that be repaired?

Yes, we can repair the chip matching the original color of the tub.

My fiberglass shower has cracks and leaks – can this be repaired?

Yes! Bathliners will repair the cracks to stop the shower from leaking before re-glazing the shower.

Is the process messy?

Yes, tub refinishing is messy. Bathliners takes adequate precautions to ensure dust and overspray from the refinishing process doesn’t reach other parts of the home. This can be accomplished by covering the bathroom with heavy-duty plastic or sheeting attached via painter’s tape.

Is there an odor?

Yes, bathtub refinishing does produce an odor that may irritate home occupants. Part of the site prep by Bathliners will include ventilating the area with a fan or exhaust system to keep odors contained to the bathroom or expelled into the outdoors. What odor remains typically dissipates in a few hours.

What are my color choices?

Bathliners can match an existing color or create a custom color just for you.

What will the surface look like?

A refinished bathtub resembles new porcelain.

How long does the process take?

From start to finish it takes approximately 4 hours.

When will my bathtub or shower be ready to use?

Within 24 to 36 hours.

How durable is the finish?

If properly taken care of, the finish should last 20-25 years. Just like any bathtub, laminate, tile or man made surface, a refinished surface can be chipped, cut or burned if it is abused. If this is the case, Bathliners can repair a refinished surface to look like new again.

How do I clean my newly re-glazed tub?

Bathliners recommends you avoid cleaners that contain abrasives or harsh acids. Most bathtubs, sinks and tile become worn and dull due to abrasive cleansers, not from time.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, Bathliners guarantees its work for five years.

Why should I choose Bathliners of the Carolinas?

Richard Myers founded Bathliners of the Carolinas over 40 years ago and in that time has re-glazed over 15,000 tubs. “When I finish with a tub, I do not guarantee the tub will look 100% as good as new, but I guarantee it will look 98% as good as new. It will have a nice shine and will be smooth and easy to clean.”