Has your bathtub seen better days?Bathliners of the Carolinas Vintage clawfoot bathtub

Bathliners of the Carolinas is here to help! Is your tub in dire need of bathtub refinishing or reglazing? We provide quality tub refinishing and reglazing services. Bathliners travels to you. Whether your property is residential or commercial, whether you’re in South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia Bathliners is here for you!

Is your tub stained, chipped and faded? Do you want a nice, clean bathtub in your home? Bathliners of the Carolinas provides the best solution. Tub reglazing is a less expensive alternative to buying a new tub. As a result, Bathliners will make your old, worn out tub look new again. Want to change bathtub and tile  colors? We can do that for you!

Why choose us?

Bathliners of the Carolinas has been in the bathtub refinishing and reglazing business since 1981. Owner, Richard Myers, has done over 15,000 tub refinishing and reglazing jobs. 

Check out before-and-after pics of some of our work to see how we can help you.

Here are some of the benefits of re-glazing your tub, over replacing it.

First, re-glazing is decidedly the most economical and trouble-free process, at a fraction of the cost of replacing your existing tub.

Second, your old, dirty, dull, stained bathtub is unsightly to your family and guests. Our process transforms your tub giving it a smooth, shiny finish. This process meets and exceeds the original manufacturer’s specifications for stain and acid resistance. 

Third, the gel coat that is applied to your tub is a unique process developed specifically for bathtubs and ceramic tile. It is made of compounds that fuse themselves to the original substrate through a molecular bonding interaction that will last for years. This new finish becomes a permanent part of your existing bathtub. It is the best available, very durable, and provides you with long-term economical value.